Oh, The Horror! Interviews Screenwriter Todd Farmer!

Author: Brett H.
Submitted by: Brett H.   Date : 2008-07-09 19:20
Talented screenwriter, Todd Farmer, of the upcoming My Bloody Valentine 3-D remake, Jason X and The Messengers, recently had a chat with Wes R. regarding the highly anticipated upcoming remake as well as past and future endeavors. An avid horror aficionado, Todd pulls no punches as he dishes all the dirt you want to know on My Bloody Valentine 3-D (and then some) as well as proving he can talk horror with the best of them.

A concern of any horror fan in this day and age is the rating; will the film have balls or not? When it comes to My Bloody Valentine 3-D, Todd talks about just what fans can expect, and boy did it leave us salivating!:

We always knew we'd be R. Hard R. There was never any escaping it, nor did we want to. And as for kills, Jason X is an episode of "Blue's Clues" compared My Bloody Valentine 3-D. You and I discussed this way back when. With the exception of the face freeze and the screw, Jason X was actually pretty tame. My Bloody Valentine's rabid. And hungry. And pissed off...

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