Contest! Win a copy of David Dunwoody's New Novel & More!

Author: Brett H.
Submitted by: Brett H.   Date : 2011-03-31 22:19
Like horror? Like a good books? Don't we all?! To celebrate the release of good friend of the site and reviewer, David Dunwoody's new zombie novel, EMPIRE'S END on April 28, we have mucho swag to give away to three lucky winners! Not only that, but the contest is open to zombie fans worldwide! How to enter? Well, David's going to have you stalk the halls of OTH's review vault and get him some links!

It's easy to get in on this! Undead film buffs, use the below clues to identify 3 zombie flick reviews at Then, e-mail me (thacf13 at gmail dot com) with the subject "ZOMBIE CONTEST" and links to all 3 reviews. Remember - the links, not just the film titles!

Participants who provide the correct links will be entered into a random drawing. Three winners will be drawn and will receive EMPIRE'S END, plus:

The first winner selected will receive: the superhero collection ANTI-HEROES, the zombie anthology THE UNDEAD: SKIN & BONES and EMPIRE (all signed). The second winner selected will receive: NECROTIC TISSUE #12, DUEL NOVELLAS #1 (zombie novellas), and EMPIRE (all signed). And the final winner selected gets: the collection UNBOUND & OTHER TALES, the zombie anthology THE UNDEAD: FLESH FEAST, and the out-of-print 1st edition of EMPIRE (all signed).

1. Quoted in this 1988 film's review: "We are protecting our dead from you people! If it is God's wish to destroy us with our own kind, then so be it!"
2. This '81 Italian schlocker is one of many sometimes called "Zombi 3" and is one of my personal faves.
3. Easy one: "____ ____ ____ Teenage ____."

Visit for more information on Dave and his books! And Good Luck!

The Staff
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